Friday, 19 December 2008

'Twas the night before Christmas

Just under 1 week till the end of 2008,and then all being well comes the year of change!
not just for Rosie and me, but for virtually all of our family.Daughter number 3 starts university possible in London,while her older brother graduates and starts his art/music/MacDonald's career in Brighton ,Daughter number 2 concludes her masters degree and starts her plan of world domination somewhat moodily, based somewhere in the midlands (you have been warned!! ) Son number 1 is doing well in education and with Kate producing beautiful grandchildren,
for Sally daughter number 1,2008 has brought big changes,ones that can only make her strongerThe 5 bed roomed family house is now too big and expensive to run,me and Rosie can spend whole days wandering round the house without tripping over each other,but not this time of year,the halls are decked and all are safely gathered in and once more the family home rings to the sound of drums,heated discussions and raised voices some unfamiliar,last night 10 people slept within its walls or at least I think it was 10 its still only early afternoon,plenty of time for more to emerge.
For more than 35 years my needs have not come first,I have been at the end of an ever increasingly long Que,and willingly so ( sound of hollow laughter) other peoples lives were more important than mine,and while they still are, all of my children are over 18 and if not already flown from the nest not far off.
This opens up so many opportunities for me and also for Rosie-bring it on---

Meanwhile this Christmas has a special poignancy for lots of reasons,so I welcome the increased noise level and maybe I can put up with being a taxi driver once again??. Merry Christmas.
Preparations are all in place for the English Camino in February,We are champing at the bit for the challenge, equipment and clothing have all been purchased (mostly online) and we are now ready,believe me I'm so ready.
Have just finished reading a blog.
A young couples Camino to Santiago in the snowy winter months,the man Justin does the whole journey in flip flops!!. It made me smile with the remembrance of what its like to be young and foolish.
I believe that like trees people can be dated by the rings or layers and amount of clothing they carry
I have bought so much stuff off e-bay lately that if you were to cut me in half and count the layers you would think I was ancient,but in my mind I'm wearing flip flops.