Friday, 27 July 2012

Taking a Hike

I'm off again,I knew I would be walking again at some point just not sure where,It was important to me to take on a new challenge in this year of my 65th birthday so when the opportunity came up to spend a free week at an Eco farm in the beautiful Abruzzi National park just south of Rome I could not resist.
  having never been to Italy apart from a day trip from Austria in my youth it seemed a good idea to do some walking while I was there,from that point it just snowballed into thinking why not walk to Spain and Santiago as well,its a walk of over one thousand 500 miles give or take,not sure if I will make it all on foot,but as someone once said you can walk any distance as long as you have the time and that I have,so flight booked for this Sunday 29th July no flight booked home but thinking at least 3 months,so lets see,all I know is this new challenge has got me excited and frightened at the same time,because of the distance and expense I will be taking a lightweight tent and will be doing some wild-camping which sounds romantic but the reality may be another matter.
  we will see, so game on wish me luck.