Wednesday, 25 May 2011

When The Rooster Calls at the Break of Dawn

me and brother David decided on a 2000mls road trip to visit Salamanca and the surrounding area for Holy week( Easter).1000 mls in having hugged the French coast all the way down-camping by the sea things took a turn for the worse tempers were frayed and after a day of driving the camino from Puente la Reina to Santo Domingo de la Calzada things came to a head,I went from wishing I was on the Camino and looking forward to my long planned for walk on the Camino Norte along the coast once I got back to England and my Ryan-air flight back to the Spanish border to being on the side of the road with a heavy backpack (in poring rain I may add) and having got my credential from the place with the hens in the church heading for Granon in the rain,it took me just 5k to know I was where I was meant to be and the bell tower floor of granon did not disappoint. guitar playing hospitalaros and a young Korean singing folk songs and it was like I had never been away.
 The Camino kept providing for the next 550kms as only it can many great people were met, food and wine consumed round communal tables. You make the road by walking, where it is does not matter.I had made so many plans for this year none have turned out so far,perhaps the answer is not to make too many plans and just walk.
there is still time for me to do the northern rout who knows and maybe the coast to coast in England, Daughter number 3 has lost her job and wants to walk with me,which I would love.
  in the meantime the garden needs tidying the house bringing to order and a time to reflect on so many things this unplanned for Camino gave me.
 ( the pics are in reverse order)