Monday, 27 July 2009

Random Pictures

Pride of place goes to David who graduated with honours from the university of small talk,while the Professor takes a Sabbatical and puts some weight back on.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Not With a Bang-----------

Santiago never felt like a finish, so in search of completion I walked to Finisterra, which was fine in my head but my legs kept saying no, not in the contract pal.
it was like the gym instructor had shouted get down boy and give me 80km more.
Galicia is a beutifull place and their white wine,s are the best,but this is because it rains a lot (Espania Verde--doh ) and rain it did and the fact my wet weather gear was thrown away in Pamplona (the sun was shining)
So with swimming shorts and lightweight T-shirt I braved the elements and with the help of my Edith Pief singing companion Aurelie we made it though it took 4 days and not one Aubergue,all full -taken by the early risers-so be warned.
in one very wet case the only other alturnative a private aubergue was also full ( booked in advance people) an off route hotel was phoned and the son came and picked us up,after 6 weeks of slow walking the speedy car journey freaked me out!!.
sleeping close to so many people for so long sharing a hotel twin bedroom with a young French women is no big deal ( mores the pity) plus its so much cheeper and it had a bath! and boy did I use it.
Walking into Finisterra the sun came out to great us and stayed out the whole day right through to the days end at the lighthouse shared with friends made on this great journey.
the girl from South Africa (Magic from the forum) I met on day one in the Pilgrim office at SJPP was also there closing a perfect circle for me, this happens so much on the Camino its as if you are part of a great wave one of many crashing onto Santiago and within that one wave you connect with all the other pebbles within it.
could not get a fire lit but managed to get the wine open, and this happy group walked the 2km down the hill to town and shared a burger meal (another treat) thanks in part to the adult 12pm curfew at the Albergue.
the fireworks had been missed in Santiago but we had better.