Sunday, 19 July 2009

Santiago de Compostela

my longest days walk brought me into Santiago a day early on Saturday
set off from Arzua with no thoughts of the days end apart from getting close so an easy walk on Sunday a Compostela and a pilgrims mass.
as it was got here saturday at 5pm having walked 38km (can,t beleave it) the old mans still got it.
was helped over the line by Ourelie a friend met early in the walk a friend of Mary-claude who spent the last 5k singing Edith Pief songs.
getting the Compostela from the pilgrims office I was taken by the giant map with all the towns listed and all the memories came flooding back what a journey both for the mind and the body ( I feel so stronger and ready for what ever is to come).
I walked through this tourist town and this time it felt like home I was hailed by old walking companions not seen for days-sat once again in my Square and shared drinks and told stories.
later after eating and making our way back to the accomadation in the old town was even hailed by "Steppenwolf" the giant Austrian who wanted to buy me Jack Danials,another night I said I needed sleep, tomorrow I set off for the ends of the earth at Finisterra


  1. Congratulations!!! You did it. And I see you are going on the Finisterra. Enjoy!!

  2. hi Rita
    thanks for your comments and support they gave me strengh.
    now my turn to follow you,good luck for september.
    you will love it.

  3. Glad you made it. Finisterre awaits. It's beautiful when it's not raining.
    - David

  4. Congratulations!! What an achievement :) you must feel just amazing.It is wonderful to see everyone again when you finish isn't it.
    Hope you enjoy your days to Finisterra.

  5. thanks Michele and Chris
    thought of you and your windsweeped pic at finisterra, but hey the sun came out
    now back to normal???

  6. hi David
    glad we got a chance to meet up again,you are a good man to walk with.