Friday, 10 July 2009

A day in the life

told in the abergue not to stir till the music plays,not quite ready for the best of opera played at full volume. the tune "o sole o meo" will stay with me the rest of the day.
pack your bag with the now practised ease,breakfast if poss and hit the road limping not running. it takes a while before every thing functions as it should.
today I have 2km to stretch before the big 8km climb to o cebreiro.
the hill comes too early and the first k is painfull you catch your breath my body has not woken up yet, I get passed by everybody (later in the day I pass them all with ease)
what seems a lifetime maybe 2 hours you move above the clouds and the feeling of elation nearly brings me to tears that and the most beutifull views.
the local farmyard cock crows but I will not be denied, no crowds to welcome me but an 100 pipers whisky waits me at the bar, a giant german wolfman with bleaced hair greets me with an offer of a pince of snuff and not yet 10am.
turn the corner to find I am only half way but now with everything working I storm the final few km and for some reason pass striaght through what turns out to be the very small tourist town
of O Cebreiro and head to Linares and a very fine statue plus two cyclists (who I beat to the top)
who inform me of my mistake, nothing left to do but tough it out for another 9 km and finish up in the albergue at Fonfria stake your bed out for the night strip and shower, tend to any blisters ect_wash and hang your clothes to dry-take a welcome pint of "Clara" half beer half limon chill wait your turn on the computer and make plans for dinner "in house tonight 8 euros, hope there is no snorers a good nights sleep and start again.
I passed the 140km sign today.

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