Friday, 3 July 2009

We Kings of Leon

so here I am on my second day in Leon,
The walk in was the now familiar dusty roadside path, 6 of us walked in a group.
Lee from Wales (35) works 6 months then travells for 6 months he has a unique washing system that involves carrying large numbers of t=shirts,shorts ect and when they are dirty he throws them away.
Tim from Ireland (24) has just been excepted at the Sorbonn in Paris a course he must do in order to teach in France.
Viebka from Berlin (35) furniture store manager taking a break
David from Budapest (24) works in IT walking to inprove his social skills and learn small talk
me ( 62) professor of small talk. and a lady (63) from Norway who can outwalk any of us.
all of us minus the lady from Norway are staying in Leon 2 days. sightseeing and recovery.
we sit in the square outside the Cathedral and let the night happen, its as if we know the whole square and many old friends are met, tour of the Tapas bars follows.
I have to take an early night, I have been hit by what seems to be man flu or swine flu at the very least and am making my way through packs of tissue´s.
Leon is a great city and well worth a longer visit but Iam inpatient to be moving on to the hills beyond.

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  1. Hope you are soon over whatever ails you. I agree, Leon is an amazing city, but also understand how the hills beyond are calling to you.... Once you clear the highways near Leon, some wonderful countryside and mountains await. Enjoy!