Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A game of two halves

so I am now half way from SJPP to Santiago and if I include Finistera and back 1000km will have been walked.
I love the roundness of that number and hope to do it.
when I started I didn,t look beyond the first day and here I am pownding out the miles, a bit thin in the face but I am in better shape than I´ve been for years.
long 30k side of the road walk to moratinos to see Reb and Paddy great people great place and great hosts.
walked with Paddy and the dogs the short walk to San Nicolas coffee at the side of the road and watched the world go by,but not my crowd,thinking they were ahead plowed on to Berchanos de real camino to discover they had stayed 10k back at Sahagun they will catch up today.
a great night was had in this plain but very good Auberge,new people to meet and old ones to catch up with,including my first English man Wayne and his world Joe.
we had to help prepare the evening Donotivo meal which broke the ice and wine did the rest, the evening concluded outside watching an amazing sunset together.
the women in charge who stayed on the premices made my night by waking up a snorer and dragging him off to a side room, I may have to marry her.
a small walk of 21k to Reliegos which included a long 13k road with hardly any shade, again on a 2m wide side path, quite bad for my feet (my heels are starting to crack)
you feel like you have the whole place to yourself under this big Maseta sky
stopping at a bar on the outside of town was heaven the woman seem to take pitty on this tired and weary pilgrim by piling tomatoes=onion= apricots ( my first ones ever) and spanish omlete
washed down with beer in a frosted glass and I slowly became human once again.
sitting still on the Camino proves you don´t have the place to yourself as slowly more and more people come into view walking passed´mostly famillier faces all hail you and some join you and so the days go on for this now seasoned if not pickled pilgrim.
happy birthday to daughter number two born on this day 23 years ago (you were in my thoughts)

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