Friday, 1 January 2010

"The Painted Pony's Go up and Down"

"And the seasons they go round and round"
so New Years day another year-2010.
its got a good ring to it.
feel it could be a good one-woke up feeling optimistic
also a little hungover and a lot over weight the Camino weight loss has crept back on, so day one of the new year,so lets start as we mean to go on.
freezing cold out but once I got going and the sun started to rise-what a beautiful day,
felt I had it all to myself-so still -so quite-just distant Echo's of the odd shotgun their owners out wild fowling.
thoughts of the Camino intrude-just 3 months and the practicalities to consider-this time walking twice as far,over 1000mls and the only new kit is some 1000ml socks and a pop up tent that fits into a circular cover that when strapped to my back makes me look like a ninja turtle-not very practical but at the moment as far as expensive's go very much a necessity.
I love putting my boots on in a morning such a good fit so comfortable these ruby slippers that took me all the way down the yellow brick road to Santiago.but as comfortable as they are wear and tear is taking its toll and I don't think they have got a 1000mls left in them, so on with the new-they may have to be disgarded.

the water pic is from a bridge on high fen.
the mound is of sugar-beet the smoking building in the background is a sugar factory at this time of year working non stop.
so a good start to what I hope will be a great year.