Monday, 21 September 2009

The Year Of Change

Early this year I said that this would be a year of change, and bring it on
A Chinese saying that comes to mind is "be careful what you wish for they may come true"
most of the changes have been great,daughter number 2 has just finished her masters got the job of her dreams and is in the process of setting up home with her boyfriend, son number 2 graduated and has also moved in with his girlfriend.
Son number one and his wife Kate have just informed me that I'm to be a Grandfather again,this time to twins, daughter number 3 got great A level results.
I'm truly blessed, even the fact that me and Rosie have split and gone our separate ways in time will prove to be positive I'm sure , but the past few weeks have not been the best.
I came back from the camino so strong, only for that strengh to be tested to the full as the practicalities were sorted out -the clearing of the family home-the trips to the tip-its amazing how little of the 25 years was kept as we went into a frenzy of cleansing.
the house is gone and we now have separate homes ( my bungalow) I have spent 25 years not being the most important person in my life,while not exactly moving to the front I can now be more selfish and think of my own needs first.
there will be more travel ( just setting off on a 3 week trip to Berlin) more walking more camino's.
so I now have my new base in rural Norfolk -spent too long licking my wounds its time to move on and experience what else this wonderful road to nowhere has to offer, as the fool once said "bring it on"