Wednesday, 20 July 2011

St Swithins Day Coast to Coast

 St Swithins day a Saxon Bishop commemorated in England on the 15th July,if it rains on this day so legion says it will rain for 40 days and 40 nights,it rained and the long range forecast for the next 30 days is heavy rain,just has I decide to walk the coast to coast a long distance walk across England (200mls) from St Bee's head on the west coast to Robin Hoods bay on the east

 this is a walk I have wanted to walk for years and now I can,I had been put of in the past by the arduous nature of the trail as it passes through 3 national parks starting with the Lake District and finishing on the north Yorkshire moors my home county, but hey I have criss crossed Spain so why not England.

in my youth I had spent many a weekend hitch hiking in the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District carrying a small tent wrapped up in a sleeping bag bedroll-meeting up with friends from all over the north of England-singing folk and Dylan songs by night-walking climbing and pot-holing by day-happy now I get another chance to walk those blue remembered hills.
the picture on the left is from Dad-Fest when son number 2 and daughters 2 and 3 came visiting and discovered my secret stash of sunglasses.

since getting back from the Camino I've been licking my wounds and trying to get my garden back in order but my hearts not in it,its too domesticated and rooted and I quite like weeds and wild flowers plus when its not cultivated all sorts of things probably not seen for years come thrusting up,a testament to passed tenants of my home and their cultivation making it more there's than mine,its time to move on.
the village has been a safe haven but its too safe, a gentle peace full place but with the slight smell of decay.
 so once more into the breach I will tilt at a few windmills on the coast to coast and then hopefully the Camino Norte on the coast of Northern Spain and then try and get this house in order and move on.

 in the past things tended to happen to me when I was moving or just passing through,as the Sundance kid said "I'm better when I move" so move I will.

in view of the inclement weather forecast I have invested in a poncho and armed with a pair of classic Ray-Bans undiscovered by my children I will sally forth