Friday, 16 September 2011


With just 3 more sleeps before I go back to the Camino,this time to walk the Northern route,flights all booked,the return flight 20th November gives me 2 months of walking,not that I think it will take 2 months to walk the "Norte" its just that the flight on the 20th was the cheapest I could find,and funds are a bit low.
I finance my walks by buying and selling on ebay something I have done for years and just when I think I have enough I go and spend the equivalent of 5 nights sleeps on a large framed exhibition poster of Egon Schiele from Austria found in a charity shop today.
I was introduced to this artist by son number 2 just before his 18th birthday.
 when asked what he wanted for a present he replied a weekend in Amsterdam smoking dope in the cafe's there (you have to be 18 to do this) I said ok,later he changed his mind and asked if we could go to an exhibition of this artists work in the same city even though it finished 2 weeks before his birthday and meant he could not go in the brown cafe's,I can go in them another time he said,
This is when I first realised my son was fast becoming a man.
A great weekend was had with this new mature person,and I learned to share his love of this artist.
 he now lives in Cardiff and makes a small living, now selling his own artwork.
 he used to have problems painting hands and went through what I called his "fugitive" period where he painted one armed men,so when I saw this hand dominated poster I couldn't resist it,so now it hangs on my wall a constant reminder of what great children I have.