Friday, 16 September 2011


With just 3 more sleeps before I go back to the Camino,this time to walk the Northern route,flights all booked,the return flight 20th November gives me 2 months of walking,not that I think it will take 2 months to walk the "Norte" its just that the flight on the 20th was the cheapest I could find,and funds are a bit low.
I finance my walks by buying and selling on ebay something I have done for years and just when I think I have enough I go and spend the equivalent of 5 nights sleeps on a large framed exhibition poster of Egon Schiele from Austria found in a charity shop today.
I was introduced to this artist by son number 2 just before his 18th birthday.
 when asked what he wanted for a present he replied a weekend in Amsterdam smoking dope in the cafe's there (you have to be 18 to do this) I said ok,later he changed his mind and asked if we could go to an exhibition of this artists work in the same city even though it finished 2 weeks before his birthday and meant he could not go in the brown cafe's,I can go in them another time he said,
This is when I first realised my son was fast becoming a man.
A great weekend was had with this new mature person,and I learned to share his love of this artist.
 he now lives in Cardiff and makes a small living, now selling his own artwork.
 he used to have problems painting hands and went through what I called his "fugitive" period where he painted one armed men,so when I saw this hand dominated poster I couldn't resist it,so now it hangs on my wall a constant reminder of what great children I have.


  1. Ian, you are obviously a great dad to have a kid like this! Ain't it great when they really become someone you wanna be friends with!


  2. not that great a dad Karin,nearly forgot my youngest daughters 21st this week-she wants all expense paid 11 day walk on the Camino March/April

  3. Smart girl she can say she just picked up on your own enthusiasm for 'the road'. So it's a case of being 'hoisted by your own petard' Ian....they get you every which way don't they LOL. Have a great trip. Nell

  4. Are you able to give me the blog address of the young photographer from England who is presently walking the camino. I saw you commented on his blog a few days ago. I was also reading his blog but mistakenly deleted it and lost it. Many thanks,

  5. Hello the bloody englishman !
    Great blog that makes me a little more travalling.
    It was a pleasure having met you on the way in Spain. Keep walking and enjoy life. Hope our roads will cross again to finish up a bottle of wine :-)
    Cheers ... oh no "to LIFE" !

  6. He is indeed a great Dad. Though Son Number 2 may be an amazing artist, and Daughter Number 3 might want to come walking - but who religiously reads your blog? Hey?!
    Looking forward to your return - will you be dropping by my place on your way home?

    Lots of love - Daughter Number 2 xXxXxXxXx

  7. afraid I may be carrying nasty things in my pack,so not wanting to infect your house,will wait and visit when cleansed!!!
    thanks for reading the blog you are now my favorite daughter xx

  8. Brilliant - I will be lording it over Daughters Number 1 and 3 all Christmas long! Am coming to Norfolk this weekend remember - hope you've settling back home and have rid yourself of nasties - will give you a call for a catch up.

    Daughter Number 2 (AKA the favourite) xXx