Thursday, 25 March 2010

On The Road again

Right that's it,all packed and ready---ish to go-pack too big what with the tent an size 12 English-13 American-46 European trainers make the pack look smaller-but it is over 11 Kilo's,Because its longer this year and earlyer carrying more but it can all be disgarded as the walk goes on-a sort of a long distance paper chase.
 Walk out the door tomorrow 10k to the nearest train station and then roundabout route taking in Cardiff-London-Paris and then Le- Puy start walking the Camino on Wednesday 31st, the day after my birthday By then I will have touched base with all my children and grandchildren which feels good-even Emily daughter number 3 called by for a late breakfast today, even showed me how to download the last 2 episodes of my guilty pleasure "Glee"
 one of the sayings about the Camino is it doesn't give you what you want-but what you it was rather apt that my programms climaxed with glee-club singing the Stones "You can't always get what you want" Farewell glass of wine in hand I joined in the singing "But if you try sometime you just might find ----you get what you need"
 The Games Afoot

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spring Spring Spring

England has just been through its worst winter for 40 years,I loved most of it but wasn't aware of how the cold and damp had eaten into my soul.
 the last two days we have had bright sunshine and a change of season, my garden or wasteland has suddenly burst into life as the emerging spring flowers opened  up to the sun,I am caught up in the rebirth and blitz the housework even clean the windows while basking in the warmth of the sun,its my favorite season full of new possabilities.I never get over how a few small flowers and the sun can fill you full of so much optimism for the future.
 any doubts of my ability to do this new challenge have faded away "its a new day it's a new year"