Friday, 26 February 2010

New Beginnings

Son number 1 with Matthew and Emma born 10th small and fragile they both look,still the good thing about twins is only one birthday for Granddad to remember.
my own birthday 30th March all being well will find me speeding through the French countryside on route to Le Puy-en-Velay ready to start this years Camino on the 31st.
 have decided to travel by train this year a bit more organic plus I get to carry my favorite knife-corkscrew-nail clippers ect-all denied me in hand luggage by flight.
 looking forward to the high speed double decker train from Paris birthday drink in hand France outside my window.
 have spent the last few weeks in a frenzy (a little) of activity trying to get some funds together for the trip-4000 telephone books have been delivered-letter boxes of all shapes and sizes have to be negotiated-plus the yapping dogs and the more dangerous silent salivating monsters that wait ready to feed on my fingers--letter-boxes are fixed in my mind now like a drunkards dt's, I can now bore people with the fact that the most common street name in England is Church road and the "Red Lion" most popular public house.
 every item of walking gear as now been tested in the worst winter conditions England has seen for 40 years and torential rain sweeps through Spain and France as I write, This 1000 mile Camino is going to test me to the limits, I have to admit to feelings of trepidation this time,but that's how it should be
cold icy morning walks are tinged with the danger of slipping and falling, road walking not the best surface,but just to be out feeling that you have the new day all to yourself is worth it,right up to the point the young jogger flies past on his well toned youthful legs wishing me good morning as he leaves me in his wake wondering how come he's not slipping and sliding-maybe I should start wearing trainers?.
 just over 4 weeks left to put the finishing touches to my own well-toned body ( in my mind) and decide what kit to take with me-giving serious thought to a tent and stove to offset the higher costs of France.