Sunday, 14 August 2011

Goodby to Lakeland Day 7

walked the farmers mile into Shap-seemed to take forever.
 Shap is on the A6 main road the highest road in the country and once the main arterial road through this area,long since taken over by the motorway M6 leaving Shap in its wake.
 called into its main pub to find it had let its rear garden out to campers for £10 and free cooked breakfast deal.the pub was full of singing carousing campers but for once was not in the mood,stocked up with food at the shop,dined on the English staple diet of fish n chips from the local chippy and headed back.
short days 8mile walk to Orton today crossing the motorway and on to the Limestone plateau with its prolific evidence of Prehistoric and Primitive settlements-met up with the Rhine-Maidens and walked a while with them,
 Later encountered the sweetest group of Americans ever. they were on a guided walking tour,camera's in hand full of enthusiasm and wonder,I could not help but be lifted by them,their joy was addictive,one chap was photographing all the strange flora that abounds in Limestone-he planned writing a guide on the walk based just on the flora,they kept going off on detours visiting stone circles and other remains led by their intrepid bearded guide only to join up with me further down the road always smiling happy to talk and full of questions -good people and a reminder that America is not full of tea party people.
 it was good to have a short day  and the village of Orton was beautiful an idyllic circular place with a great Country pub.I sat in its quite beer garden soaking it all up,was seen by the Americans touring the village who joined me their sunny disposition was undiminished,they were soon called to heel by the guide and off they went I miss them still.
 the camp site out of town was the best one yet,I slept well.
   day 8
 Kirkby Stephen 12 miles and my last day of walking
                                                                                          Kirkby Stephen is the second largest town on the coast to coast and at just short of the 100 mile point the half way point.the hills had done for me.
Kirkby has a train station, part of the Settle to Carlisle route the highest and most beautiful train journey in England and stopping in Leeds my home city was too good to miss,I spent my last evening drinking at a musical festival with the Rhine Maidens and a group of other young walkers carrying on till the end,but for me it felt like a completion the hardest part conquered and just gentle dales left,if it had been Spain and no easy route home I would have continued but carrying stoves and a tent and sleeping on the ground for 8 days while climbing small mountains was enough,I live to fight another day with lessons learnt
 Just booked my flight to Spain for the 20th September (£23) and the Camino Norte-well why wouldn't ya
  but will be leaving the bloody tent behind.


  1. You had me with ya till ya posted about going back to Spain!! Now I'm green, really green with envy! Careful, much as I don't like'em, I may be forced to sic Michele Bachman on you...acutally could you lose her somewhere in those hills? Please?

  2. the woman scares me,she's all yours,the papers here are full of next years election,I've had enough already!!
    Spanish butterflies have started,what to wear,what to carry,am I sad for walking the Camino again? do I need to get a life?
    my first cafe con leche will be raised to you