Saturday, 4 July 2009

Leave Leon

the man cold spoils the last day in Leon slightly,sleepless night in the albergue not with the now familar night noises but with my coughing.
even a late picnic in the park behind the Goudi building failed to knock me out.
so clutching tissues and other medical supplies we head off on the short 20km walk to Villar de Mazarife and the Albergue Jesus with its swimming pool.
it was good to be moving again and this alturnative route proved to be a good choice as was the Alburgue (no curfew on bedtime or leaving) and a small room to ourselves.
tomorrow we face a long walk ( 30km ) to Astorga and then the way gets tougher with 50km uphill across the mountains to Ponferrada max hight of 1500m, with I am told stunning views, held by some to be the best on the Camino.
I am looking forward to the challange and while in my view the Meseta has its big sky beuty and vast Cathedral silence am happy to be leaving the flat roads and seeing some hills for a change.
the cold is getting better and despite a slight prawn toe should be in good shape (we shall see)

1 comment:

  1. Pain is temporary, quitting is strong!

    Thought this comment should be more motivational. Keep up the good work