Friday, 17 July 2009

Ponte Campana--Arzua

Just dropped below the 40km to go
spent last night in a private Albergue in Ponte Campana and for once the system failed just me and a scary-eyed Andoran in the whole place, the first night I have slept uneasy in the whole journey.
have been a bit chesty the past few days and if no better today will see a doctor.
Walking out of the Albergue joined the already large line and we were off another days walking
this time in the rain,the first time in 5 weeks, Galicia never lets you down.
26km later and the chest feeling better arrive in the sun to the modern town of Arzua my home for the night.
these crowded and litter covered paths are not the most enjoyable walks,that and knowing its coming to an end with thoughts of home intruding


  1. Hi Ian. When do you expect to finish? Are you going onto the coast?