Monday, 13 July 2009

Night and Day

Passed the 100km post today and am now in double figures, hard to believe how far I have come,not just in the mileage but I think also in myself.
the last few days have taken me through Samos and Sirias
the Monestary at Samos was huge but the Auberge was small and basic,nearly didn,t make it back in time through being caught up in conversation with a young women from Norway,maybe everybody talks in depth about their reasons for doing the Camino and other personal things but "Why are you doing the Camino" is not a question to be asked lightly I have found, or maybe now I,am old I have the sort of face people trust.
what this women revield over dinner and drinks would have made a great Ibson play and when we rose to get back to the Alberge going by the stares of the other diners we were not the only English speakers there.
Sunday was a short walk to Sirias the last place you can walk and still get a compostella,no place open so me and Anna a young Danish girl sat outside a local bar for the pilagrino menu,we were then joined by Hilda the girl from Norway,the square was once again full of familiar faces and two of them a couple from germany joined our table.
I must stand out as an Englishman as was hailed by strangers from accross the street and informed we had managed to draw with Australia in the first test ( 5 days of play and no result)
the food went down well as did the wine Anna swopped to beer and we were joined by "Steppenwolf" the giant German who I had met on the last long climb who ordered Jack Danials for the table,and so the night rolled on in the now familiar way.
I slept like a baby and woke late to find the town full of people and coaches under starters orders the "Galician Gallop" was under way.
I tried as best I could to walk stately through this town of new boots and small backpacks as only a seasoned pilgrim could feeling good about my new traverling companions but failed.
only when I remembered my own 110km Camino in Febuary and how big a thing it was to me at the time that I relaxed and was ok.I was back in Galicia and it felt like home.
In Galicia they have mileposts every km and so I counted down passed the 100k mark and beyond to Portomarin.
now I go in search of food and a quite night!!!


  1. The big question..."Why are you doing the camino???" Hmmm..I still ask myself that question and have no answer...maybe I will find out when I walk.
    You're almost there!!!

  2. Rita
    you are going to have so much fun,I envy you starting from the beginning,I promise you will have the answer before the end,now what was the question.