Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Circus comes to town

today I sat in the town Ruitelan 10km from the hill top town of O Cebreiro just before the last big climb of 8km that marks your entrance into Galicia the last county of the Camino, just 170km give or take left to do.
its the first time I have fallen short of my intended destination but I have still not shaken off the man flu plus so many days in hand I have to go slower.
I,am realy glad I did because as a walker your not aware of the daily circus that passes through these small quite villages.
the last few days have been taken up with walking from Molinaseca via Ponferraid to Villafranca a town so built like a maze it took me ages to find the main square.
Once there you know each face from your travels and the ones you don,t know you soon do.
one day later to sit in a village and watch your whole world for the past few weeks pass before you in a giant parade is intoxicating,some even joining me as we hailed and clapped each one.
to have this rich pagent as a daily circus must seem realy strange to the locals.
each person you meet seems special but every now and then you meet someone extra special
today I spoke to a man who has walked from Lu puy taking nearly 2 months to do so while in the later stages of Parkinsons.
tomorrow I walk10km only to o Cebreiro stay the night and then take a detour to Samos and then Sarria the start of the Galician gallop,
but this boy not to late is learning to slow it down.

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