Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Time Out

tonight I am in Santiago on a day trip.
the people I spent so long walking with Tim=Lee and Viabke finished today and Viabka was flying home to Berlin.
anyone who has walked the Camino will tell you how close you can get to people and these people are special to me, so with days in hand caught a bus to Lugo and then one to Santiago just in time to have a coffee with Viabke and see her off in a taxi to the airport,she had been ill and after being sick in the 12-oclock mass and had to have medical attention,
she had been pushing out 30+ km for a week now in order to finish and get her Compostela
being in Santiago ahead off time was wierd, we had coffee in my special square the one where me and my soon to be ex had spent so much time on our visits to this city, I was suprized by the effect on me as I was brought to tears.
The Camino is such an emotive place you spend so long with the people you walk with years can be crambed into weeks.
still I am now ready for for my next time in Santiago and it will not happen again.
Lee walks to the ends of the earth tomorrow- Tim spends a week in Santiago and I will meet him Friday/Saturday.
So many people not seen for weeks/days are here tonight its such a hugfest,glad I came but tomorrow catch the bus back to Portamarine and continue my own Camino with a happy heart

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