Thursday, 16 July 2009

On The Road Again

it took ages to get back to Portamarin a two hour and then a one hour bus journey.
walking through Santiago early morning was strange,I did not belong there not just yet,my place was back with the rag tag and bobtailed army I had left behind, every now and then they could be seen at the side of the road and strung out across some field.
got off the bus the same spot I got on,stocked up with water and food and set off late afternoon to see how far I got, one long iron footbridge over the river later my knees were shaking, I swear the side rails only came up to my knees.
8km I had had enough booked into a quite rural casa and rested after what felt like a long day.
after a nice pilagrino meal and a half bottle of vino tinto, the evening took shape like all the other nights before, a couple I knew booked in and joined my table as did Jan a Lancastrian, a gum clinic worker from Manchester, my day was compleat I was back with the great unwashed and we had the world to put to rights as we walked to Santiago!!

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