Monday, 23 March 2009


The new morning walk incorporates the local common,just a half hours walk from our house but a new world compared to our last walk,this one so quite and empty even though we have to cross 3 main roads on our 2 hour circular hike,the going is more sand than tarmac and even has some inclines as our calf muscles will more cyclists we now share the walk with wild horses and sheep

as we get nearer to the spring equinox the mornings are getting lighter,most of these photographs where taken before 7 am. just one more week and the clocks go forward and our mornings will be dark again.

there's peace to be found in walking and the changing of the seasons,but it also makes you aware of "Times Winged Chariot"

So maybe now its my time,time to be doing all those things I want to do,before the seasons get the better of me and I finish up a burnt out old wreck

still if I keep on looking who knows I may one day find the fairys in the woods !!!!


  1. Looove the sheep fording the stream photo!

    Camino-Dreaming & Counting Down!