Saturday, 1 August 2009

" So What Happens Now...."

another Backpack in another hall.
whenever I read other Blogs about the Camino I always wonder so what next? Back to the daily reality I suppose,Someone once said when you walk the Camino your brain takes a rest, and how true that is,
Now I have walked the Way I understand why people would want to do it again,I started this as a challenge to see if I still had it, to howl at the moon and say yes I walked over 800Klm.
But somewhere round week 4 I entered a zone of peace and quite I walked slower more upright and all was well with my world.
now back home other things intrude and all I want to do is go back to that zone.
I still do morning walks ( can not stop I am now a walker) when stepping aside for the cyclists I can't stop saying "beon camino" to strange looks as they pass.
Have already booked a cheap Ryan air flight to Berlin and back a 3 week tour, as well as being a walker I think maybe I will now become an "old age traveler"
Who knows, the world is now my lobster!!


  1. Thanks for the great blogs and pictures on the camino. They were great fodder for my own walk on the Way which starts wednesday from Canada and should put me on the trail by the weekend.
    cheers Mark

  2. Thaanks for the great blog and pictures they have been a big help in getting ready for my own walk on the Way. I am leaving Canada on Wednesday and am hoping to be starting in St. Jean by the weekend.
    cheers Mark

  3. Your blog has kept me so motivated for my up coming Camino in September, I even commented in "our favorite forum" today about how you have kept me motivated and how more should register their blogs. On days when I doubt my sanity about taking on this trip in my 60's I enjoy reading about others that are doing it, have done it, and those that keep going back.
    As for an old age're never to old to live, to learn, to love and to have great adventures.
    Keep on going!! Don't stop till you drop!!
    Jeje..I keep telling my kids, I am trying to figure out how to spend my last dollar and my last breath at the same time.
    Big hugs for your accomplishment.

  4. hi mark
    buen camino I wish you well on your journey also a little envious,take it slowly and take it all in.

  5. Hi Rita
    you keep giving me strengh,thank you and buen camino,you are so going to love it.

  6. Now I, too, understand why people want to go back to the Camino although in the beginning I had trouble comprehending the idea of walking 800kms every year.

    I feel sorry for the things you told me about, but you always convinced me that you would handle the problems perfectly.

    David (graduate of small-talk)

  7. hello
    thanks for your comments - i've just returned after completing my first camino and it's struck me that i want to do it again and that something special happenned.i initially did it for an activity hol and sun as no sun in irl.also questioning my way of life which i thought was quite fab. thanks