Sunday, 13 December 2009

Winter Sun Portugal

Taking advantage of a cheap winter deal,I'm just back from a relaxing week in a beachfront apartment in Albufeira Portugal on the Atlantic Ocean near Cape St Vincent the most westerly point in Europe the true Finisterra end of the Earth nothing but water between me and America.
and a very tranquil time was had.
in season this tourist town is packed-out of season I nearly had it all to myself-the locals complained about the cold but having scrapped ice off my car in order to drive to the airport the December sun ( 20c) of Portugal was heaven to me and the other pale skinned North Europeans attired in shorts and t-shirts walking in the surf.
For a long time I have been unable just to relax and spend the day just reading a book, but on this break I read two in between walks on the beech and trips out to the mountains and small villages inland.

a truly relaxing time just letting the last of the years warmth wash over me.

a first time in Portugal for me but certainly not the last I could get used to winter breaks only maybe for longer next time.

having decided to start my next Camino in late March/early April my thoughts are starting to turn to the practicalities like money-equipment (new boots maybe) do I take a lightweight tent to offset the more expensive accommodation in France?

its all starting to feel very close-and the sooner the better for me having started putting the Camino weight loss back on and Christmass still to come!!!

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