Monday, 19 January 2009

"Blue Monday"

Evidently the 19th January is known as "Blue Monday" in England because of the people prone to depression and generally feeling miserable on this day due to the weather-post Christmas bank balances-failed new year resolutions and the dark and dismal days.

While not exactly feeling "Blue" we did miss our training walk this morning,the first time for months,due in part to joining the Norfolk Ramblers on a 9 1/2 mile walk on Sunday across various muddy fields ( The map clearly states there is a footpath!!!).

It was interesting to be walking in a group and gave us an insight into not only what a busy Camino would be like but how uneven ground can play havoc with ones knees.

So having spent most of today washing cloths-cleaning boots resting up and trying out ibuprofen gel, and also realising that just two weeks to go before we fly to Santiago and start our weeks walk on the "Camino Inglis". Lets hope the footpaths are more defined than Norfolk.

On the subject of Santiago it was nice to catch up with our own Saint James while visiting the midlands and son number one and his wife Katie
Its nice to see the family ears continuing down the years.


  1. So that was why I came over all tearful this morning as I arrived at work (in Kings Lynn!).

    We are preparing for our camino ingles too, so on Saturday we added another tin of beans/chopped tomatoes to our backpacks and did a 6 mile circuit in Suffolk, in beautiful winter sunshine!

    Bridget of the golden shrug

  2. hail Bridget of the golden shrug.
    good luck with your camino,and best wishes to your daughter.
    Ian and Rosie