Monday, 26 October 2009

The Dice Man

a cult book of the 70's was "The Dice Man" about a man who made his life choices by rolling a dice. 6 options with one choice being one not normally one you would make.
one of the street artist of Berlin becoming well known is "El Bocho"
Sticker art is the new Graffiti and considered less an offence,you paste your poster up rather than spray can.
I went to an exhibition of this mans work in a Berlin squat cost me 1 euro to get in and had to leave my bag at the door in case I was carrying spray cans or something worse.
my favorite Berlin graffiti artist is number 6 who just paints the number 6 on boarded up buildings or other underused facilities, feeling a bit of an underused facility myself the other night-started to play with the die and allocated the unwanted- the not normal to the number 6.
It came up 6 I rolled a second and then a third time each time resulting in the number 6 the number of the beast.
it realy freaked me out-and I spent the rest of the day figuring out what to do to match the three sixes.
I had spent the last 10 years trying not to be normal- I didn't want normal-don't do normal-but along the way it was normal for me to have a drink every day-7 days a week and when I say a drink I'm not talking singular. So no choice realy I'm going to stop drinking for a while.
its been getting worse of late so a stupid dice can be the start.
I like to be in control-and the drink had started to be in control of me-so it has to go-day 2 and counting.
also started the morning training walks again-I miss the Camino-the simplicity of it all,but which one to do next? perhaps I'll let the dice decide.


  1. I miss the camino too. It seems to be constantly on my mind. When I am writing in my journal that is the subject that keeps coming up. And I am finding that the lessons seem to be still coming.
    Is it an addiction?? Will I ever stop thinking about it and learning from the journey?? Will I go back?? Probably...most likely..I think so!! Crazy old bat, I am!!!

  2. Methinks crazy like a fox Rita,the dice decided I walk from Le Puy march/april-see how far I get.

  3. Well, glad to hear you are planning your next Camino. I am hoping to volunteer as a hospitalera, then walk from where ever I am, so we could meet along the way...that would be cool....will keep you posted.

  4. yes that would be cool-look out for me I'll be amongst the 300,000 people expected next year.