Thursday, 15 October 2009

Leaving Berlin

Berlin with two of my daughters brought a new dimension to the break I had two women telling me what to do!!
but hey I got to do things that I hadn't done before-river cruses etc and share some of the things I had already done
nice end to my visit even got propositioned on oranienburger str by a lovely girl in tall white boots,who must have been out with her sisters also in white boots who for some reason were standing on the other corners of the junction.

I could live in Berlin,which is always the yardstick I judge any city on
the only downside are the cyclists,
having been allocated cycle lanes all over the city they take this as a passport to go where they please in that arrogant aren't we being very green sort of way,but wobetide anyone who strays into their cycle lane or don't jump out of the way when they hurtle pass.
my god they even let them on the tube-there is no escaping them-its the new plague I tell you.!! ( hey whats the point of a blog if you can't have a rant now and then )

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