Sunday, 13 June 2010

I,ve Seen Fire and I,ve Seen Rain

So here I sit in Santiago only the second day in 10 weeks I don,t walk tomorrow I fly home,thats if I can get my Ryan air ticket printed off,Last Sunday I caught the bus to Finnisterre met up with lots of people not seen for days and some not for weeks it was great to see everybody again,with over a week to kill nothing left to do but walk hey thats what I do.
 So walked the 30 k to Muxia (just like that) nice walk and the sun came out,then the bus to Ferrol and walked the full lengh of the English way,something I failed by 25k when last walked with Rosie,only problem was it rained like it can only rain in Galicia,every day but the last one when in a fit of madness walked the full 40k from Bruma to Santiago,only 5 people on the way,met up with in Neda and walked with 4 of them to Bruma and with a young couple from the Czeck republic into Santiago,this time I saw the city in a different light a quite more peace full town,all the Pilgrims tucked up for the night as we walked around at midnight,one of the benefits of staying in a backpacking hostel,so know its Sunday and nothing to do but chill and try and get some things washed and dried,so as not to continue the Tom Hanks film theme,and have people think I was moving into the Airport,
So nearly the end of what has been a great walk bring on the next adventure.


  1. A fantastic achievment Ian.
    Little brother

  2. Finisterre is good for the soul don't you think? And there's nothing like the recuperative power of the sea for those sore feet and legs!
    Well done

  3. Just rereading through my own blog after two years and remembered what a boost your comments were all along the sorry to have missed your Camino and therefore unable to return the favor. Thrilled you made it, though...have only read this one post now, but will catch up over the next few days. My best to you both.

    -Christine (MerlinToes, "This Pilgrim's Progress")

  4. great to hear from you Christine,can't beleave its 2 years,happy memories of reading your blog and planning my own,but its like an unfinished book,where are you now-hope its a good place-what happened to the Australian?