Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Abroad Thoughts From Home

Back Home after 3 months,nice to sleep in my own bed after sleeping in about 80 others spread through 2 countries,mind you it was strangely difficult to sleep without the lullaby of snoring to lull me to sleep.Mind you getting to my front door through the overgrown garden and then to climb over the pile of bills in the hall was a wake up call. now as I slowly bring the garden up to shape and even more slowly work my way through the overdue bills I have time to reflect on what I managed to do 1000mls-1800km and a lot of that with a crocked knee I realise hey I'm pretty strong not only that but also the realisation that most of the people I walked with also came to realise that they too had a mental strengh they didn't know they had,to share that experience with people from all over the world was a heady thing, one I will never forget.anyone who has walked the Camino knows what I'm talking about, so I raise my glass to all that walked with me and all those still to walk it and share these 2 video's


  1. You've left me looking a fool here at home in my computer room...making all sorts of noise. A great OH when the stained glass windows came in to view to laughing out loud at the throne directly next to the mileage sign!! Wonderful pair of slide shows and thanks so much for sharing them.

    SO when do you start selling some of your pics??? Hmmmm?

    Buen Camino, Karin

  2. Hi Sagalouts
    Just found your blog and am so envious of your achievement in succeeding to walk the Camino. Well done. I hope to start in Le Puy on 1st September but have heel pain which has stopped me walking.
    Also loved you videos and your choice of music.
    Best wishes from a retired person who is also" not going gently into the goodnight"
    Best wishes from Ireland

  3. Sorry my comment was anonymous. This puts it right, I hope

  4. Great photo montage Ian thanks for sharing. It looks like a wonderful and empowering journey...no 'dying of the light' here!
    Keep raging!

  5. Congratulations Ian. Thank you for sharing the videos. I have yet to do the Le Puy route. Maybe, one day. I know for sure, one day. The video of the way from SJPDP brought back many memories, and brought a yearning ...

    Enjoy your time at home, before you set out for your next adventure.

    All the best

  6. Loved it, lout. And to think we were both in that abbey at Conques at the same moment!

  7. hi Ian, I'm Arianna, the girl you'll rememeber as a wry one maybe :-)
    I hope you'll go and see the photos on the way to Santiago I'm uploading here:

    They are so many that I'm still doing that!
    I'd like to hear your opinion (even if not good, obviously) because you really have an eye (I learn this english expression from you)

    A big hug


  8. great to hear from you Arianna,of course I remember you.looking forward to viewing your picks-already love your hair blog.
    big hug back