Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Hot Hot Hot

6 days in and this is the first internet,having to sit here in the dark 5-30am, que a mile long last night here in Fuente de Cantos-great auberge.
 Arriving in Seville was hit by the heat as I got off the airport-40c and it seemed like no air-was sunburned by the time I hit the backpacking hostell-quick dash out to get the passport from hotel simon first stamp at the Cathedral-back to the hostel-evening spent on rooftop terrace with early 20s crowd none had heard of the Camino,one lad 23 spent the evening smoking joints and reading a book called breaking through by some dutch guy-said he was having to read it twice to make any sense to it all-put me in mind of all the books I had read at the same age. he later spent the whole night coughing in the bunk across from me-the cardboard rouch will get you every time.
 hit the road early head still full of those books of yesterday "on the road" "dharma bums" amongst others-feeling more a part of the dead beat generation these days-crossed the bridge and down the palm tree lined route a truly hotel calafornia sunraise-you can book into the Camino but its seems you can never leave.
 Castilblanco 20 odd km down the road was my first bed and was it earned the last 10k nearly did for me-I have never walked that far in heat that bad-spent the whole time sucking on the nipple of the Camelbac water pouch-I will get used to the taste of rubber i,m sure.
 The heat was to get less over the next few days the highlights being the terrace of El Berrocal after a dinner of venison and great wine watching the thunder storms in the distance-the relief of getting the 16k main road walk part of a 30k day out off the way and through the park set out for tree growing when the lightning and storms hit us.
 Almaden de la plate  where one of our group of seven who had told me she was spanish and spoke no english turned out to be from Ireland-she said the Camino had taught her to be wary of men of a certain age and she had been keeping her distance but was now thawing towards me-we spent the evening talking shared camino experiancies-I went to bed feeling old.
El real de la Jara and my evening meal in a deserted bar outside the church only to be joined by what seemed the entire village as they streemed out of saturday mass.
 Monesterio tired days walking questioning why I was there -these are not easy days and I have yet to get into the Zone-followed by a truly great walk into Fuente followed by Lunch with the irish girl Noula ( see stayed at yours reb last year)
  who is now after 6 days thawing and now making me feel less old and threatning.
  So here I am and as noula say,s why would you want to be anywhere else but on the Camino-today we walk to our first city Zafra-the small group off 7 of us that started out 6 days ago are now part of 27 that stayed in this great Auberge last night.


  1. Remind me to lend you Drop City when you get back - definately one of those books!

    Sounds like a whirlwind so far - I like the sound of the fake Spanish girl - sounds like the sort of thing I'd do!

    Take it easy and keep updating!!

    Lots of love from daughter number 2 xXx

  2. Takes a week to get into the rhythm of walking Ian - soon you'll get fitter and get into the zone.
    Take it slow, enjoy every moment!

  3. LOL!! I never thought of the Camino as the Hotel California...but you may well be right!! Only this one ain't so scary!

  4. Hi Ian, Thanks for reading my blog, I am glad you found it useful. I think about the VDLP every day, and smile. The updates from the forum appear at 3pm at my desk at work in Melbourne - I am hooked too. I have good intentions to start from Merida in April 2011, and walk to Salamanca. And more in 2012. Buen camino, Marianne

  5. Camino Buddies has made a post with a link to your blog and supports all you're doing. Buen Camino!

  6. Go well, be safe and keep us posted.
    You'll be in the groove before you know it!
    And . . . you will become younger as you walk.
    Buen Camino!

  7. Hi Ian
    nice to hear from you about this new camino.
    I would love to be there too.
    My next camino will start in November, destination Abobo Ethiopia, I hope to do it !!