Monday, 13 September 2010

My Name Is Ian and I am a Camino Addict

chuff it I'm off on the Camino again, Englands not safe for me. i'm sitting here full of cold after a wet Norfolk summer and two matching toenails have dropped off!!!
  Having got back in July and in an aim to keep my post camino weight I went back to my old badminton club only to do my back in and to cap it all was asked for my years subscription and would I like to buy a ticket for the Christmas dinner!
 walking through the local supermarket car park I tripped and fell in a foreward roll sort of way saved only by my backpack from a serious head injury even so my ribs hurt for a week.
 Laying there dazed and confused hopeing no one had seen me or worse still have some spotty youngster stand over me asking if the old man was ok and could they give me a hand back on to my feet.
 don't get me wrong I like this area of Norfolk and its big sky,the village is calm and peaceful and the only good thing about smoking the odd cigarette again is that I get to sit out in my garden of an evening and take it all in.
 I've been back to Berlin to see old friends and friends have visited me here,seen all of my 5 children apart from son number 2 and got to see the fast growing 4 grandchildren.A camping trip is arranged this weekend with daughters one and two, I'm kind to them giving them such a good chance to boss me around for a whole weekend.
 But the Camino calls and on the premis that if you do nothing-nothing happens I'm off again.
 I have booked a flight to Seville for the 14th of September to walk the Camino Mozarabe or via de la old roman road ( 1000klm )used to transport silver up through Spain.
 The route comes with a few problems not least of which is the heat and lack of water sourses, in summer temperatures can reach 40c and above hopefully September will be cooler though today in Seville it was 37c.
 my first nights bed is booked the "Living Roof" backpacking hostel boasting the best rooftop terrace in Seville, as this boast is echoed by a number of other hostels we shall see,but it is very close to the Cathedral the starting point of the walk.
 so once again this fool sets of, wish me luck.


  1. Go forth an enjoy!! Just post periodically..A. so we know your still alive and B. so we can become green with envy! Buen Camino! Karin

  2. Good luck for your latest adventure.
    Buen Camino.

  3. Ian can we feature your blog on Camino Buddies? We are setup to bring pilgrims together and to also highlight pilgrimages in progress. I know we will have a lot to look forward to with your trek.

    Buen Camino Ian!

  4. Ahhhh off to another adventure. So exciting.

    I too am a camino addict, albeit not a on-the-trail walking one. For the moment all I can do to feed my addiction is to walk with someone via their posts/blog. So, buen camino, Ian, and again, I will be following you on your journey from here.


  5. Hey Ian you are a full on Camino Junkie and I'm deeply envious....bonne route!

  6. Go for it, Ian and keep us posted!
    Buen camino.

  7. thanks for all your comments,as always they give me strengh.
    max yes go for it

  8. Go the Junkie- Nell has got you sussed....looking forward to reading of your next lot of adventures. Hope it cools down a bit soon, but I guess you don't want it too cold at the other end...

  9. Enjoy this wonderful addiction. . . my husband, also called Ian, is a camino addict too, tho maybe not as much of an addict as me!! Maybe a club for camino addicts is called for (oops, maybe we already have that in the CSJ Forum . . .or is it a support group?? haha)
    Look forward to hearing how you go. Buen camino. Carole
    PS Just listening to a doctor relating heart health to brain health, as best method to prevent dementia. . . hence benefit of walking. So. . . our addiction is good. Buen "keep-on 'walking" camino.