Friday, 2 December 2011

Looking Back on the Norte

I'm sorry this will not be a detailed account of the route or the places to stay just a general view (mine) of walking this way in a very unseasonal September/October.
              the weather was spectacular-very-very hot just one day of heavy rain which had to occur while walking the one major road I walked on,.the people walking were in the main a young group plus a smaller older crowd that had walked from France or further afield-plenty of accommodation, my main impression is its so different to the CF it felt so surreal to be walking through and sometimes on holiday beaches in full hiking gear including two Naturist beaches-one of which still sticks in my mind'
           I had to climb one of the many hills that abound on this coast,this one had a steep drop through the gorse bushes,I don't do heights and was quite scared but I made it to the summit and slowly made it down the steep slope to the beach where I gathered my senses wiped the perspiration from my brow feeling quite inadequate,the sight that lay before me made me feel even more so as the beach was full of naked men one of whom was walking toward me,I wanted to sign him up and make my fortune making blue movies,the script involves young Spanish plumber calling on bored suburban housewife to fix final spin on the washing machine.
  My train of thought was broken when the man started to jog threatening to cut a swathe through the throng.I nearly headed back up the hill but stepping quite a bit to one side I let him pass.
                I later learnt I could of bypassed this hill by taking a 500mt detour(4th rule of fight club,read the guidebook!!!)
             another feature of this walk is the number of ferries you catch,very pleasant but again quite strange
        when I first came to Spain I thought it was one Country I soon learnt different especially on this way-one of my favourite drinks on a hot day is a shandy in Spanish, its clara/claro half beer half lemon,while in the Basque area I was taught by a barman to ask for a peaker,one days walk down the road proud to show off my command of Basque I loudly ordered from the bar only to be met by puzzled looks as I was now in Asturias
    a popular game show in England is called "pointless" where you have to come up with a correct answer that when asked -100 people didn't know ie "name a region of Spain" the pointless answer was Asturias,I was to fall in love with this area of Spain from its beautiful coast to its wild and very hilly interior.
 coming to a fork on the way I had to make a decision,continue on the coast or head for the hills, as the next Alburge was closer a Monestery with good reports I found myself on the Primativo, a Horse of a completely different colour!!!

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