Saturday, 3 December 2011

Through Santiago to the Coast and back again


  1. Great pics!! Seriously beautiful! You took the foot/ocean pic I'd so hoped to take, with a then matching on from the shore here at home. Ah..guess this means I need to come back and walk again. I can do that!! :-)

  2. thanks Karin your always there with an ego boost when needed,sorry I never got to walk with you.

  3. Just catching up on blog watching and discovered these great photos, particularly the last one (love it and truly love them all). Thanks for the reminder to book a flight to Spain.

    Cheers and well done.

  4. "...99 red balloons..." :D
    Hi Ian,
    how are you? I wish you a happy new year!
    Hopefully you enjoyed your last days in Fisterra and arrived safely.
    I like your pics and texts. :)
    Lovely greats from Germany

  5. Ah Katharina, how nice to hear from you,it was good to share that last special sunset in Fisterra with you-I walked on to Muxia and then Dumbria afterwards and now rest in England.
    I also wish you a happy neu jahr
    hope the shot-put is going well ;-)