Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Each morning we set off and walk 10 km,this time of year it's in darkness and well trod paths become unfamiliar lit by sodium street lights.
Most of the walk is on well lit stretches some across Norfolk marshes and a long cycle path/footpath alongside the railway line pools of light inter spaced with darkness.
even at 6am these footpaths are relatively busy with dog walkers, joggers and people cycling and walking to work,the walk takes in 3 different social areas
The quite residential estate at 6.30am these people mostly office workers and management are still in bed. the second along the railway is a 1960's feeder estate for the large industrial site across the bridge,it is said you can judge how developed a country is by the way it separates traffic from people,this section is uncivilised with bikes coming silently at you from all angles ridden by people with sullen faces all intent on getting to work not liking the hindrance of backpacking hikers with time on their hands.

most of the time we walk two abreast
Ant and Dec style (two tv entertainers who always stand in the same positions) through this section we walk cautiously in single file ready to take avoiding action.
the third section starting through the woods is quite with just the odd walker on his way to work,we pass silently viewing each other with suspicion,no one brave enough to say good morning for fear of inviting a mugging or worse, we have tried greetings in the past only to be met with sullen silence, coming out of the wooded area seems to put a smile back on peoples faces and the odd good morning from the dog walkers and the first batch of joggers flanked by cycle outriders, cross the main road and up the hill to home. This morning we discussed recreating the morning break on the camino and just stopping at home for coffee and then repeating the loop all over again....

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