Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Pining for the Rias

Rainy Days and Wednesday always gets me down.
nothing like a damp English morning
in November to get you thinking and planning. I love this part of England
where i now live,Norfolk is beautiful
but there is only so many sun rise sun set pictures you can take without like topol in "fiddler on the roof" be reminded of old age.
and while I'm on song titles as in"Clare to here"
I long to see white horses dance across another
ocean, and where better than the coast of death in green Spain. Galicia with the longest coastline in Spain due to its fjord-like rias .
One of the benefits of old age is you qualify for certain things i.e. in England a free country wide bus pass and in Spain a golden days(yuk) reduction at the "parador" hotels based in grand
buildings. the one on the left is considered Spain's best and is a castle in Bayona
the view out of our window was breathtaking.This harbour first heard the news of the "New World" when Columbus and "Pinto" sailed in.
The view of the pigeon is on the castellated walls of the hotel looking toward "the islas cies"
the view on the right is from a Celtic settlement above "La guardia" the Rio Mino and Portugal
beyond, A beautiful and tranquil place.

( spot the Englishman)
Santiago de compostela

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