Tuesday, 19 May 2009

3 Weeks and Counting

Evidently 3 weeks to go before I start my Camino, the flights are booked,first night in the Hotel Paris Madrid Bayonne booked as is the one night stay in St-Jean (just to breath it all in) and so as not to start too quickly booked and paid for Orisson 10k up the road, spectacular views and veranda sunset with good wine guaranteed.
But until that first step on day one of the "Route Napoleon" once described by a previous Pilgrim as his second biggest mistake after the retreat from Moscow is taken it will not seem real.
I've read and followed so many other people on their Camino from the comfort of my cosy front room it started to feel unreal, my daily soap opera, my particular favorite episode has always been that first day from St jean to Ronsavalles- from Christine's " I've just walked a freaking mountain !!" through the young couple who walked through the snow drifts he wearing flip-flops to the two Australians Michele and Chris who were truly legions "we trained for this so we're not stopping now"
today was spent mostly thinking about what to wear-what have I turned into? the time was I would just wear what had been discarded at the foot of the bed or if I was really lucky wake up fully dressed, I hope to meet that person once again on this adventure, but in the meantime will continue to juggle with the options.


  1. Does this mean we can actually MEET you finally, one of these days this summer? Cool!


  2. I am quite sure you will meet that person once again, who will wear what is disgarded at the end of the bed , or even wake up fully dressed!!!!(we did that many times!!!)
    Orisson has good coffee too..
    Counting down with you...Michele :)

  3. Hi
    Following your footsteps in September...out of Brisbane to Paris

    What did you book in Paris...how do you book train to Bayonne,,and how did you book Orisson...
    sorry if you can answer any if this will be a help

    Well we have all the guides but you really seem to be with it

    will follow your trip

    best wishes

    visit me on tracelloglife.b;ogspot.com

  4. hi jimbo
    I fly into biarritz bus to bayonne-train to jppp
    tel +33 559491303 (they will ask for payment up front via paypal

  5. Much thanks for info...very useful

    typo on my blog


    best wishes
    happy trails