Tuesday, 26 May 2009

14 days

Just 14 days left before my plane leaves for France the training continues with morning walks through the woods, both Rosie and me now lost in our own thoughts as we walk familiar routes yards apart no conversation.

because my camino is coming earlyer than expected money is a bit tight.
I earn a bit through e-bay and the odd car-boot-Rosie is doing temp work for the next 10 days we should be OK but no Paradors for me

the 5 bedroomed house we have rented for the last 9 years becomes an empty nest this year.
the world is our pilchard

while I am away son number 2 tom graduates from university, he's cool with that, in fact he's cool with most things.
Its hard for Rosie that her son is now moving on
our youngest daughter Emily starts university this year (history at goldsmiths London) she is spending part of the summer working in a backpacking hostel near the Spanish border I think she's strong enough to cope with the tsunami of change that's coming
I follow blogs on the Camino and time seems to go so quick for them, time for me is going so slow at the moment I need to be walking


  1. Sorry I don't usually comment on posts and I wont make a habit here. However. really happy that you are getting closer to the camino and it cheers my day.

    best wishes

  2. Best wishes for a wonderful journey - take sunscreen/block, it is quite expensive in Spain. Beg borrow or steal money for a night in the Santiago Parador you will deserve it!!!