Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Less than 1 month to go before I start my Camino, June the 9th I fly to Spain,I can't believe all this time planning and thinking about the Road to Santiago and now its so close I can taste it.
So close that now the doubts set in,500 mls start to finish, that's 500mls up hill and down dale, I know I've trained for this,I know for my age I'm fit and fond of telling people what I plan to do, yes I'm walking across Spain from France don't you know while I wait for the applause and well done you.
well soon it's time to stop the talking and do the walking.
500 chuffing miles just short of 800 km and at the end of each day find somewhere new to sleep. 6-7 weeks away from home comforts.!!!!
I've always said I don't like normal,give me something new something to get the pulse racing.
Well as the Chinese say be careful what you wish for
on the left is my road to nowhere, quite peaceful flat Norfolk no cars no people just me and Rosie and to be honest sometimes that's one person too many.
I'm now going to swap all this for who knows what?.

where we live in Norfolk because it turns round on itself is the only place on the East Coast to watch the sunset over water

on our morning walks,old Friends watch us pass

misty Norfolk mornings

beware hikers

not all of Norfolk is idyllic remnants of son Toms last garden party

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  1. Now we can sit at home and read your blog while you are walking..thankyou for following us on our journey, we had the MOST AMAZING time... and we are sure that you will too..have no doubts, as you say, it is only 500mls up hill and down dale (and a few things in between!)
    Michele and Chris :)