Tuesday, 2 June 2009

7 Days

Just one week left before I leave for my Camino and having spent 18 months planning and buying clothes and other stuff for my travels,am now realising like every other traveler that you can't get a quart into a pint pot.
just spent best part of a day packing and repacking my pack it ain't working. so much is going to be left behind, going to take most of the week to sort it out.
my one thing that has to be taken is my travel kettle,don't care if I sound like a wuss THE KETTLE'S COMING -as a tea drinker its important to me (Europeans don't do tea) and the way money is "cup a soup" hhhhamonnn and bread and cheese are going to my staple diet.have got fond of my new hat so that's coming (going for the English rake look)
our morning walk on the common brings us into close proximity to Dartmoor ponies that wander freely but never as close as they did today
I'd like to think that they had gathered to wish me well, but hey I'm just an old romantic.

on the subject of wild animals here's one of our own,that's if you can ever own a cat, me I'm a dog person-leader of the pack faithfull hound by my side sort of alpha male person.
now all I have to do is pack a chuffing rucksack,maybe Rosie can help?

my last photo of the common 6am peaceful


  1. oh yes take your kettle (?) a cuppa can make most things ok. hope you like it black. How much does your pack weigh??

  2. yes..i remember EVERY place we went to ..tea was the challenge..there are no kettles in Spain!!!!!!