Friday, 12 June 2009

Roncevalles part 1

wow made it here not as bad as feared,in my nightmares i never made it this far, but hey here i am.

the 8k walk to orrison was bad,hot sticky day the sweat ran off me like a river,not helped by the fact a glorious night was had the night before.
Arno and the rest of the helpers were great,aperitifs were served good food good conversation and lots of wine,when the table wine ran out I brought a bottle to the table and the conversation continued I was seated next to an Australian women who had been walking for 23 days the last 15 on her own as her male companion had abandoned her after 8 days and gone back to Australia, half way through the evening I felt like joining him.
A couple from Budapest had sat fairly quite but the communication problem was solved when they produced a bottle of liquor.
eventually after solving the worlds problems this united nations retired to bed where some sort of merry go round game took place that involved getting up and moving about a lot, I decided not to take part and tried to sleep. (this did not happen)
in the morning clutching my head and a packed lunch I set of up this hill that just kept getting
I.ll draw a Vail over the night at Orison,just to say it involved nuns Irish girls and more drink.
and culminated in me singing Irish folk songs.this has always been the point when I know I have had too much to drink,so off to bed for another sleepless night.
this days walk of 18k is probably the greatest walk with views I have ever done and proved to me that I am a walker.
the pilgrim meal calls.

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  1. Glad you ended seeing such great views over the Pyrenees. It truly will be a walk to remember!