Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Saint Jean

have spent the day in SJPP.and so glad I did I'm an Innocent abroad I was not switched on,so much to learn,Ive sat in the spirit of something or other all day like a lemon,what a nice place and what great people I,m so chilled,but people keep coming in washing clothes showering and sorting stuff out organised people that know what they are doing, people with firm tanned legs and small packs ,people who still have time while they are doing all this to talk to me interested in where I,m from, my plans-even to offer advise and encouragement,and all this in English a language foreign to most of them.
I,m humbled truly humbled,I knew this walk could be life changing,but if this is a taste of whats to come I don't think even I will recognise myself at the end, and I haven't even started walking yet.
tonight a communal meal with wine and then I suppose I'll have to start walking tomorrow!!

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  1. Hey dad, it sounds amazing already. Don't forget to do the walking part! Jen xXx