Sunday, 28 June 2009

Burgos to Carrion de la Condes

Happy to be back on the road after 2 days as a tourist
maybe a bit stupid but we hoped to make Hontanas 28k away,the legs were soon into the stride
the evening before had showered and my body has started to feel like somebody elses, I now have hard well shaped legs and if I may say the begginings of a good pair of buns!!
the walkwas hard but very beutifull marred only by the news of Michale Jacksons death.
Just when we thought we would never get there out of a dip in the road ahead appeared what turned out to be the dome of a 14c church and soon the rest of the village (pop64) was visable,never was a site more beutifull.
the next mornings walk passed the ruins of San Anton and into Castrojeriz with sheep and a donkey taking up all of the road and if I ever sort it out will post the pics.
stopping for breakfast we met graham and his squegebox and eat our breakfast to the sounds of Cajun music and singing and very nice it was,it turned out me and Graham had been to a lot of the same places in our youth ie the west coast of Ireland -doolan ect.
he also turned out to be from Wales the next village to Lee.
2 hills one quite daunting and 20k later we arrived in boadkla del Camino to a great Auberge with a pleasent garden and swimming pool which we shared with a Spanish wedding party, quite strange.
also joined by great Australions (6) and one American writer who payed for the drinks.
We payed for it the next day with a fairly bland 25.5k walk in the blazing sun to Carrion de las condes stopping off at the 13c gothic church at Santa Maria.
where we said goodby to mary=claude who will be sadly missed.
have just been sung to in our new Auberge by a Singing nun quite charming "we shall overcome" took me back to the 60s and joan baez.
need some food and sleep now as plan to walk 30k tomorrow and say hi to Reb in Moratinos.

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  1. You make it sound so easy. 1 hill, blazing sun leads to a swimming pool with the wedding party. LOL. Keep it up Ian, we love to hear about your adventures!