Monday, 22 June 2009

Goodnight Viana

the last few days all seem to roll into one, we rise from our beds and walk
like well oiled machines we silently pack and leave the albergue.walk through the towns and out no talking just quite hola,s as others join us from their sleeping places and single file we leave the town behind us.
from los arcos we had planned to go as far as viana but did a 28k to logrono instead on the way we said our goodbys to milita and the swedish professor, and gained vicky from germany and joanna from canada.
Vicky (viebka) reminds me of my daughter sally and was a great addition to the group.
we were welcomed into logrono by storks as we made our triumpful entrance across the bridge.
after booking in we all went for a meal at the drunken duck pub and joined by an american girl cassie.
unfortunatly not much sleep was had due to snorers one Paco we had met before and would meet again.
another 28k walk the next day into najera I like walking into new citys it always feels good (home at the end of a hard days work). Unfortunatly the refuge was bad beds close together one shower cold and no toilet seat??.plus Paco was above me,nice man but boy can he snore,
I booked out and into the hotel San Domingo and it was class, pricey but worth every penny
I had to return later to share the best salad ever, prepaired by Vicky and having paid a donation to be allowed back in.
the man had said on my leaving that if the refuge was bad I had to bear it because of my past sins and my future ones, trust me no one could have sinned that bad.
a cue is forming behind me here in belorado I will have to conclude later
thanks for all the comments it gives me strengh.


  1. Hi Ian, I have forwarded your blog details to Ruby and Emma, so they should also be following you.

    Your accounts put me in mind of the Laurie Lee book, 'As I Walked out One Midsummer Morning'. Avery nice thig to do.

    Keep it up.


  2. Oh my gosh you gave me the most wonderful chortle to start my day when I read about how you moved into a hotel in Najera. I just laughed and laughed at your sinner comments!!!!

  3. I am enjoying following your adventure and can't wait to start my camino in September. Keep posting!!