Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Old Man and the Sea-t and beyond Pamplona

There were 8 people in the private room in Zubire,only one person got any sleep.

I woke the man up 3 times to no avale, I was going gaunt in the face from lack of sleep (earplugs were not helping) it could not go on,I was having daydreams about killing snorers and had channeled this into the outline for a book about a serial killer targeting snorers.

"SNORED TO DEATH"-death walks the road to Santiago!!!.

As seems to be the way of the camino a small group seem to be walking together and more seem to join each day, some day I will have to get off and catch the next train but not just yet I,m having too much fun.

the Trinidad de arre convent just before Pamlona saved the day for me-sleep and good companions-the german girl dutch girl and one from finland a rugby fan from Wales and the mad professer from Sweden ( everytime he gets divorced or has a crisis he learns a new Language-he speaks 8 at the moment) he is with the girl from Finland but plans on learning Icelandic soon!!.

we talked about the idea for a who done it, I quite liked the idea of the killer using a pillow,one a day"28 deaths to Santiago"

( Milita

our german birthday girl was all for using loud guns,I think she thought the small talk was for real!!!)

Lars who teaches creative writting as started taking pics are we killers or ¿victims.? he is the same age as me and we spent most of the time saying what a great group the baby-boomers are

so much fun was being had that we nearly missed the 9-30 curfew-I had to run 200 yards to ensure we were not locked out.

a small walk to Cizur Menor and the Knights of St John taking in the sights of Pamplona.

David from Budapest joined the group plus 2 brothers from Canada Andrew and Mick, a group meal was prepaired and vinto tinto was consumed, a flyer stating free pick up of our bags to the Albergue Santiago Apostol in Puente La Reina was acted apon and after another good nights sleep the motly band of carrier bag carrying Pilgrims walked the 20k explaining that we were realy Pilgrims,

Another good nights sleep was had in this swimming pooled albergue and we set off on the road to Estella fully packed and with temps of 30 degrees (someone was having a laugh)

22k in heat is not easy but the bliss of the many different coloured butterflies that seemed to share my walk zig zaging across my path made my day on these cornfield poppy vine sloped fields dotted with beutiful villages.
a communial meal and new people to meet awaits

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  1. Zubiri. I was in a big dorm at the municipal albergue there, and I also met the Snorer from Hell!!!! Only in this case it was a she. My sympathies.
    Loving your account. Sounds like you are enjoying the company. Hope the heat is manageable.