Thursday, 18 June 2009

Camino de Vino

this camino seems to be fueled by drink,big outside meal I get sat next to 4 dubliners 2 of whom used to live in ennis when I was there another example of 6 degrees of seperation,nice people and a good night was had untill the heavens opened and we rushed inside this good parocial abergue.
another hot day to Los Arcos much the same as yesterday but with a hangover (the first of the camino) still a hair of the dog was to be had at the famous fountain
we just had to suck it up and get through the day.
ensconced in the abergue we plan another commuinial meal which seems to be the pattern and tomorrow try an early start to Lograno when I will try and rustle as many bags as poss.
but forgive me father I have sinned last night I was informed I WAS MYSELF SNORING. The total shame of 25 years of married life rosie never once told me I snored (lol).
tonight I sleep in a small 4 bedded room,at the moment I seem to have it all to myself.
just realised the tea I,m drinking has salt in and not suger (half way down the cup and just now realised-I must have needed it)
spell check only seems to work in spanish please excuse any mistakes.
for those who leave remarks it is most appreciated.
I hope soon to post some pics


  1. Hi Ian, am keeping up with it all. Sounds great. I could have told them you snored (plus your feet can wiff a bit...but Ill keep that a secret).

    Little brother David

  2. Keep writing! Yeah, it's always a shocker to find out that you snore. It's better than talking in your sleep, though. ;)

  3. Your spelling is indeed appalling!!! But I love it! Funny I never noticed the snoring...your wonderful son now has a BAHons degree at 2i (one below a first!) Wow!
    Rosie XXXX

  4. oh no !!! not a snorer!! just blame it on the Vino Tinto!!!

  5. go to Leon get a Pilgrim Burger Meal at the Burger King the Kangaroos loved them. jose