Friday, 23 April 2010


Could not resist putting up the pics of the trees_I seem to be going through my tree period.
 I sit here in Condom having said goodby to Syblle my walking companion for the last few days having met her in Auvillar a hilltop village with the best gite ever a truly 4 star pay for the night at the tourist office and are then escourted by a frail old lady to your quarters at the other end of the village, she spends the afternoons going backward and shops open as this was a Monday as opossed to Saturdays and Sundays when there also closed. at Lauzerte another beutifull hilltop village I had asked to use the computer at the tourist office only to be told this was impossible as it was a Friday???
 the first 2 weeks you seem to spend your nights in valley towns only to spend the first hour or two of the new day climbing steep climbs out of them I longed for a downhill start to the day, now I spend the last hour climbing steep hills into hilltop towns a hard end to the day.
 things have levelled off now and I walk through green fields that remind me of home at a nice pace of 20k a day;Syblle was a good companion and we talked of many things as we walked through this very still quite timelass landscape. Syblle goes back to Germany and tomorrow horror of horrors I have to catch a bus to Aire_sur_i,Adour in order to be able to meet my Daughter in Ostabat_Asme who walks with me for 4 days to Roncesvalles. I made the mistake of thinking I could do the same mileage as Spain ,at first I could,t and now I just enjoy each day and take what ever the days bring and dont worry about the clicks.
thanks for all the comments they do give me strengh and the will to continue.
 I met Rob from the Forum at conques and a few others that read the forum,and all sing the praises of Kiwinomad and find her blog invauluable (just to let you know Margaret)
 I will try to post more as I  get nearer to Spain


  1. Thanks for that Ian! I know I put the blog together because I found a lack of info in English about the Le Puy route before I went. And now that you have walked and seen the lack of internet access, you will understand why I did the blog 'after' I got home. Though apparently public libraries can have internet, so must try and find them next time!!
    Sounds like you have truly found your rhythm along the route. I laughed at how you talked about the earlier morning climbs contrasted with the end-of-the-day ones to all these hilltop towns. I remember reaching Lauzerte and seeing it perched on top of a hill, and thinking 'oh no I can't make that!' But then I saw a restaurant at the bottom and ate a hearty lunch first. Then the climb didn't seem nearly so bad!!

  2. Enjoy walking with your daughter. My sons simply look at me like I'm mad when I ask if they'd consider meeting me for part of my next go at the Camino! Buen Camino, Karin

  3. Margaret's website on her pilgrimage is wonderful and Margaret in person is a beautiful person. I was lucky enough to meet her on the road to Santiago and continue to communicate with her via e-mail and Facebook. She allows me to continue my reflections after my pilgrimage almost two years after coming home.

    Michèle (Ottawa) Canada

  4. Beautiful pictures, Ian. Love the story they tell, of the journey you are making. Enjoy the company of your daughter. Will be looking out for your posts.


  5. Thank you make me laugh....something I need to do at the moment....I start my first Camino from St Jean next week on the 6th may.
    Jo B

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