Monday, 26 April 2010

Pomps and Circumstance

Catching the bus from Condom to Aire_sur_I,Adour ( 1hour) was as always like a jump foreward in time you spend weeks walking you tend to blend in and then this mad dash with Buck Rogers of the 21st C.
 walked about Aire for a while nice city but at 12 30 feeling a fraud decided to bang out 18k to Miramont and bang it out I did my mind in a dream it seemed like no time before I was there having written 2 books in my head thought of 2 films saved the world by knocking the heads of a hundred dandylions and having 2 slightly disterbing erotic daydreams either there is something in the water or I need to drink more of it.
Miramont has a nice gite and then set of the next morning aiming for Pomps 33k fell short by 4k fell being the operitive word,I am keen to walk with Daughter number1 from Ostabat but still a full day behind so walking just 11k the next morning excepted a lift into Navarrenx and here I stay 40k short one day left having made the mistake of a good lunch.
 this part of France lends itself to slowing down and long lunches the last week or so has been a bit similar lush green fields and gently rolling hills you don,t need to fight climb and earn your views here they are handed to you on a plate and invite you to lay down a while and have a  picnic,no wonder a lot of French painters depict quite rural settings with friends family lovers laying about all over the place having lots of picnics
 I find myself  pinning for the Pyrenees, there is a definet end to this part of the way and I long for the madhouse that is Spain and the great melting pot of the Camino Frances

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  1. Ian, I know what you mean! I found walking through France was like being a tourist with a backpack. A lack of pilgrims makes it feel less like a pilgrimage than a backpacking holiday!
    Go well, you'll soon be a part of that ghostly stream that is el camino!