Saturday, 1 May 2010

A Full House

Sat here in Roncesvalles under a full house of pilgrims. The town is packed, I met some who had to take 50 euro rooms. the Camino is so busy but so full of life and energy
 I was feeling realy tired as I walked into SJPP from Osbanot having met up with daughter number 1 (Sally) it felt like the end of the journey rather than the halfway stage, but being with my daughter and standing in the street in SJPP watching all the new Pilgrims looking and smelling really clean walk up the hill to the Pilgrim office and then meeting some of them at dinner in the L,Esprit du Chemin you could not help but be lifted by all the nervous energy as they prepared to start and I was filled with new resolve that has carried me over a misty and rainy route Napoleon to Roncesvalles.
 After the quite walk through France the noise and energy is a heady mix as new people are met from all corners of the globe.
 the town is so full,finding places to sleep is going to be interesting but hey I,m on the Camino and happy to be here


  1. I hope you got a photo of yourself under the gate at SJPP!@

  2. Well done - it was a tough slog getting this far wasn't it!? Will follow the next section of your journey with interest! Enjoy the time with your daughter.