Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Here comes the Sun + The Moveable Feast

Arrieved in Burgos in snow and rain, started the next day in -3 degrees passed the locals scraping ice from their windscreens and walked in search of the sun and slowly over the next few days I found it in abundence so here I sit in Sahagun burnt to a crisp,this trip is certainly a walk of extreams.
 One of the great things of a Camino is the evening meal,the best nights are when you have a kitchen and people share in the buying and the cooking of vast meals,not to be outdone most people buy far too much food and everybody buys too much wine.
 Such a night was had in Castrojeriz and we eat talked and drank the wine and fell into our beds,and for me slept right through to find a nearly empty Albergue and a bag of spare vedge and breakfast stuff,the rest of the mountain of unused food had been spread amongst the rest of the diners and was now being carried along the Camino.
 It took 3 days for the food to meet up in various places and rest stops and be consumed, The last item a head of lettice had been carried for two days in a carrier bag by Jenna the Jersey girl a new starter from Burgos and quickly adapting to being a Pilgrim,we told her that since she had had it for two days she must now carry it to Finnestere and burn it as the sun set,we got short shift and we eat it for lunch along with the last of the toms peppers ham onions and sweaty cheese plus 2 onions found in my bag, what to do with the jar of jam also carried by me was solved by the Jersey girl who developed a taste for jelly and lettice as she called it.
 The days become a moveable feast with breakfast in one town,you sit in a bar 6k down the road for a beer and your breakfast companions slowly join you and so it goes on through lunch and to tonights shared meal here in Sahagun.
 We lost Jenna today a victim of the coughing flu type epademic sweeping the Camino,each night the coughing and snezzing gets worse drowning out even the most noisiest of snorers.She stays back a day in an atempt to recover,its only a matter of time before I sucome!!
 We still are missing 4 oranges-bannanas and red peppers, they may turn up in the next few days or it maybe time to have a look at the bottom of my pack.


  1. Just as I remember - the culinary delights abound! Glad for the sun and mates!

  2. broken glasses, knackered knees, coughing flu epidemics, sharing meals of letticue and jam - this is starting to sound like a Cormac Macarthy The Road-esque expedition!!
    Thinking of you - all is going well here, sun has starting shining :D

    Jen xXx

  3. I laughed and laughed at the 'literal' moveable feast. Hope your knee isn't causing you too much strife. You are nearly in Leon already!